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We provide international or market segmented tv distribution and targeted programme placement, in accordance with our clients’ needs and PR strategies. Global players, for instance Swatch, Burton and Bwin and many international sport federations are relying on our know-how and vast experience in the worldwide tv market with our contacts to more than 4000 tv stations around the world. In order to have maximized exposure in media, we offer our clients international tv distribution of their programs.

On behalf of our clients we arrange all program licensing (licence agreements, music copyright clearance, purchase contracts, tv-sponsoring contracts etc) ensuring all legal requirements particular to the tv industry are met.

tv market analysis, tv data service, evaluation of tv media values

We issue you with a tv broadcast report which gives extensive broadcast information. Our distribution report is thus a vital and empowering marketing tool for both event organizers and sponsors. Media values of broadcast programs are professionally assessed.

We collect date, time and duration of all broadcasts including technical ranges, also net ranges both worldwide and in single markets. We issue and update permanent tv reports (for organizers’ and sponsors’ use) and provide tv final reports.

We select appropriate tv stations in the appropriate markets for our clients and offer overviews and special analysis for all requested tv markets.

Additionally, our company prepares special tv market overviews and individual analyses. If you want to obtain the latest information concerning the tv branch sports tv media distribution is the right contact person.

Final TV report Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014

audiovisual marketing

We assist in the world-wide placement of your brand. With our services you are able to build a positive image in all audiovisual media. You can profit from a stronger and more focused tv presence. With a specially commissioned tv production both the content and images can be influenced - and so your desired message conveyed. Through our professional international tv distribution we place your brand in targeted tv stations.

We produce an individual audiovisual concept in co-operation with our clients. Further, we safeguard your tv rights, make license clarifications, media value assessments. We produce your tv commercials, govern your video and film archive, produce video clips for your homepage and we are consultant in all tv matters. Sponsoring proposals are carefully evaluated and media values are professionally assessed.

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