Poker Programs

  • International Greek Poker Tour, Vienna, 2010
  • PartyPoker European Challenge II, Vienna, 2008
  • PartyPoker East vs. West Team Cup II, Vienna, 2008
  • World Heads Up Poker Championship 2007
  • European Challenge 2007
  • East vs. West Team Cup 2007
  • St. Petersburg Open 2006
  • Austrian Poker Championship 2006
  • World Heads Up Poker Championship 2006
  • Heads Up Poker Circuit Barcelona 2005
  • World Heads Up Poker Championship 2005

World Heads Up Poker Championship 2005Poker has taken Europe by storm as it has before in the United States. People from all walks of life have embraced poker as an exciting game of strategy, psychology, and showmanship. Poker itself is on a winning streak - the steadily increasing TV viewer numbers are the best proof of this. More and more people all over the world are discovering the modern, fast-paced version of this exciting and legendary game.

Television has been a prime ingredient in poker’s popularity. Tiny cameras in the table allow the viewer at home to see each player’s hidden cards. Even the inexperienced watcher in the audience lives and dies with the outcome of every hand — just like the players!

sports tv media distribution devises TV contracts for all poker events. The highlight shows are a great success as stand alone and late night entertainment broadcasts. Our poker shows always achieve high audience ratings.

We are consulting to poker clients worldwide for all TV-related issues. sports tv media distribution is a specialist in poker productions and produces all major international poker events. We present poker as exiting sport and entertainment on TV.

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