Rhythmic Gymnastics

Grand Prix Finals

sports tv media distribution has already been 3 times the official TV distributor of the Rhythmic Gymnastics. We were in charge of the global TV distribution of the events in the year 2002, 2003 and 2007.

In the year 2007 sports tv media produced 4 hours Live Feed, the international News Feed and a fully edited 26 minutes Highlight Show. The images of the Rhythmic Gymnastics were broadcast in more than 200 countries - this significantly increased the media value of the event

The Grand Prix Finals is a prominent happening in the world of Rhythmic Gymnastics - together with the Olympic Games, the World Championships and European Championships it belongs to the top level competitions. The world’s leading 12 athletes in hand apparatus are competing in tantalizing contests in following disciplines: rope, hoop, clubs, ribbon. In 2007 the pretty town of Innsbruck (Austria) was hosting the world elite gymnasts. The event was the Qualifying for the Olympic Games at Peking 2008.

sports tv media distribution successfully achieved over 160 hours of TV coverage, 21 TV stations worldwide aired the Rhythmic Gymnastics.

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