Gold Coast Airport Marathon

July 2011 - 2019, Queensland, Australia

The Gold Coast Airport Marathon is an International Association of Athletic Federations Gold Label marathon, ranking it alongside races such as the New York City Marathon and Tokyo Marathon. The Gold Coast climate is ideal for running, with a fast and flat course running beside the ocean, creating great conditions to achieve a personal best time. Held in one of the world’s most beautiful and popular holiday destinations in Queensland, Australia, the event attracts more than 28,000 participants from all over the world.

Sports tv media distribution has been assigned for the fourth time to distribute the fantastic highlight shows of the Gold Coast Airport Marathon all over the world to achieve a maximum of tv coverage.

Following our tv distribution strategy together with the event organizer and the producer of the program, the yearly increase of the tv coverage was excellent. Meanwhile the most important tv stations and networks are broadcasting the highlight programs.

In 2013 the Gold Coast Airport Marathon was aired in 156 countries on 95 tv channels/networks reaching over 700 mio homes and a tv coverage of 1036 hours worldwide.

2nd TV Report GCAM 2014

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