Flight Theatre “Taurus Rubens”

Hangar 7 Opening 2003, Salzburg, Austria

The new Hangar-7 at the Salzburg airport: what was originally planned as a simple, new home for the Flying Bulls' collection of historic aircraft then became far more than a functional and modern high-tech construction – the name “Hangar-7” stands for the realization of an entirely extraordinary project…

Art, Avant-garde, Society and Technology: The flight theatre "Taurus Rubens" as a breathtaking highlight at the opening of the "Hangar-7": Hubert Lepka's theatre for aeroplanes Taurus Rubens. In "Taurus Rubens", people and machines took on the roles of the Greek mythological heroes - Harriers, Draken- and Eurofighter typhoon jets and Black Hawk helicopters were all part of the show. The spectacle turned the sky above Salzburg into the stage for a sensational performance that thrilled 10,000 visitors. Among the guests: Prince Albert, Naomi Campell, Buzz Aldrin, Niki Lauda, Franz Beckenbauer, Anja Kruse.

The biggest broadcast, high definition/standard definition tv production for an one-day-event ever with 59 cameras, HD 50i digital OB-Van production. Extremely high standards have been placed on international tv distribution: The tools used to develop the basis for successful international tv distribution are market research, editorial service, analysis and definition of time-slots; for this event theme based distribution was merged with a specialized news reporting concept and provided the basis for worldwide tv distribution. As a result of the high standard of editorial co-ordination and a targeted program formats, it was possible to broadcast three international news play outs during the event.

Unilateral news segments were transmitted via satellite, and one basic rough cut and five special roughcuts were produced on location. Topic related rough cuts were produced and handed out to journalists during the event and distributed by courier service to pre-selected tv stations worldwide. Step by step co-operation with the technical staff, numerous EB teams and journalists under the leadership team of sports tv media distribution, made it possible to produce a variety of tv formats in a very short time.

Red Bull, our commercial client, very much appreciated the high level handling by an experienced company including worldwide contacts and business co-operation. The Hangar-7 project with the editorial need for professional, worldwide distribution presented an exceptional challenge in tv production, which was met to the highest of international standards.

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