FIVB World League

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2002 - 2008

2002 was the first year for sports tv media distribution working as the official FIVB TV Co-Ordination Agency for the FIVB World League. The primary role of sports tv media distribution was to ensure the audiovisual production and its quality.

sports tv media distribution designed and implemented an improved communication system between the Host Broadcaster, the FIVB and the TV co-ordination agency to facilitate a more efficient and higher level of co-ordination of cross-party communications.

The perfect co-ordination of satellite transmissions for the FIVB World League was a reflection of our extensive experience in this challenging area of TV broadcast.

sports tv media distribution controlled all satellite feeds, managed the technical supervision and distributed News of the Final Round to the international news agencies. sports tv media distribution provided the FIVB with a full data service for World League Television, revised TV guidelines on behalf of FIVB and assisted FIVB at Host Broadcaster meetings.

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