Endurance Horse Races in Europe

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Endurance riding or racing is a popular equestrian sport which involves traveling long distances. High-level races can be up to 100 miles or even longer and take between 10 to 12 hours. Endurance horse racing is very much a family sport and people of all ages participate in the adventure.

All types of horse breeds take part in endurance races. Arabian horses are usually preferred because of their natural endurance and stamina. Horses from 5 to 20 years of age compete in this fun sport which is both enjoyed by riders and steeds alike. Throughout the race the horses are checked by a veterinarian to ensure that they are not dehydrated, limping and so forth. Their pulse rate is also tested to pick up any problems. Riders can only continue the race after the horse has passed stringent requirements during the examination. Endurance racing is much like a marathon, often with multi-day rides. In order to win, you must complete the endurance race in the fastest

In the past  5 years stvmd sports tv media distribution has realized a  lot of live tv production of Endurance Horses Races all over Europe for several tv channels in the United Emirates.


Fontainebleau Endurance, 2017, Fontainebleau, France 

Verona Endurance, 2017, Verona, Italy

Brussels Equestrian Endurance, 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Sardegna Endurance, 2017, Arborea, Sardegna

Royal Windsor Endurance, 2017, London, UK

Tordera Endurance, 2017, Tordera, Spain

Madrid Endurance, Madrid, 2017, Madrid, Spain

Negrepelisse Endurance Festival 2016, Negrepelisse, France

FEI World Endurance Championships, Samorin, Slovakia

Brussels Equestrian Endurance 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Royal Windsor Endurance 2016, London, United Kingdom

Endurance Horse Race 2016, Babolna, Hungary

Endurance Horse Race 2016 Fronteira, Portugal

Brussel Equestrian Endurance 2016, Belgium

Italian Endurance Horse Festival 2015, Verona, Italy

Italian Endurance Horse Festival 2014, Verona, Italy

Endurance Horse Race 2014, Samorin, Slovakia

Endurance Horse Race 2014, Fronteira, Portugal

Endurance Horse Race 2014, Compiegne, France

Endurance Horse Race 2014, Thetfort, United Kingdom

Endurance Horse Race 2013, Berlin, Germany

Endurance Horse Race 2013, Tarbes, France

Italian Endurance Horse Festival 2013, Verona, Italy

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