ECA European Canoe Slalom Championships 2014

Vienna Austria, May 2014

Canoe slalom is a competitive sport where the athletes are paddling through a course of hanging gates (green - down the current / red - against the current) in the fastest time possible. So, the athletes are fighting against waves, rolles, obstacles and different currents within constant water condition, because strong pumps support 12 cubic meter in a second through the channel.

The White Water Canoe Slalom Course, in the "Verbund Wasserarena" is a very specific channel. It´s a difficult and fast course and it´s located at a nice spot on the Donauinsel close to the Danube. 27 nations entered their athletes for the European Senior Canoe Slalom Championship in Vienna and there were 300 competitors contesting for the medals. Canoe slalom is a olympic discipline.

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